Liberty Living Term Loan and RCF

Liberty Living Finance, as borrower, entered into a term loan and revolving credit facility agreement dated 3 November 2017 between, among others, Liberty Living Finance, certain Liberty Living Group companies as guarantors and HSBC Bank plc as facility agent. The facility comprises a £250,000,000 term loan with the specific purposes of refinancing certain indebtedness and payment of a distribution to shareholders (Facility A), and a £150,000,000 revolving credit facility for general corporate and working capital purposes (Facility B). The guarantors have guaranteed the obligations of Liberty Living Finance under the facility agreement. Liberty Living Finance and the guarantors together are the obligors. The facility is not secured. The term of the facility is five years, subject to two one year extension options which Liberty Living Finance may request, and lenders may accept in their sole discretion, in accordance with the terms of the facility agreement.