Through our unique position, we aim to deliver positive impacts to help young people succeed in further education and build sustainable lives, while supporting the communities we work in.

Our areas of work

Communities in which we operate

We support the communities where we operate, by offering support, facilities and knowledge to help initiatives which benefit the local community, and engage our community of students with them.

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Enabling our employees and students to volunteer

All our employees have the opportunity to volunteer for a day a year, with any organisation who support young people through their work. Employees can do this individually, with their team, or with colleagues across the business.

In our first two years of running this programme we are proud to have achieved a participation rate of 32% across our employees.

"It was an amazing experience that left me feeling incredibly fulfilled. It's a great way for our business to get involved with the community."
"I cannot thank Unite Students enough for the support they have given me. I am the CEO of an international development charity, Concern Universal. I believe in getting every penny we can to our projects, which means we only spend 6p in the pound on administration. That doesn’t leave much room to bring in support from experts when we need it. Unite Students has given us pro-bono support from two incredibly experienced directors. The time I have spent with these directors has helped hugely in dealing with some of the issues our organisation was facing. If I had bought in this support, it would have cost at least £15,000 in leadership training, HR support and brand development."

Supporting charities through collaborative partnerships

We believe in the positive impact we can have by collaborating with and supporting charities. We work with a number of different organisations who specifically support young people, provide access to education and advocate responsible behaviour.

British Heart Foundation logo   We are proud to partner with the British Heart Foundation through our stock donation program, where we encourage students and employees to donate unwanted goods to the charity.
IntoUniversity logo   Supporting Into University since 2013.
enactus logo   Supporting Enactus, an organisation that promotes entrepreneurial social action with students, since 2013.

Community or Charity Premises Opportunities

In 2017, we were delighted to offer the opportunity for a non-for-profit voluntary and community sector organisation to lease and manage a new community space that has been created as part of a planning agreement between Unite Students and Islington Council.

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