Unite Students' ambition is to be recognised as a great place to work, through creating a diverse, inclusive, representative and engaged workforce. As a customer service organisation and in delivering Home for Success, the engagement and development of our employees is a key.

Investors in People

We are proud to have achieved Investors in People (IIP) Gold award, placing us in the top 3% of the UK organisations actively working with IIP. The award reflects our continuing commitment to our employees in creating a great place to work and confirms our commitment to developing our people.

Living Wage

Unite understands the benefit of having a happy and motivated workforce who earn a fair salary for their hard work and commitment, and in 2015 we were proud to receive the Living Wage accreditation, a first for our sector.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We recognise the importance of diversity and the benefits it can bring to the workplace. Unite welcomes the Government's introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting legislation under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulation 2017 and what it sets out to achieve. 

Read the full Gender Pay Gap Report

Employee Panel

We have created an employee body which, through a group of peer elected representatives, allows employees to engage regularly with senior management and discuss business performance and issues of concern and interest.

Learning and development

A comprehensive series of training courses and development programmes are in place and focused on both technical skills and leadership/management competences. These include Being the Best, Becoming a Supervisor, Becoming a Manager and a Leadership Development Programme.

Engagement processes

We run annual employee effectiveness surveys and use the results to drive further change across the business. Participation rates have increased year on year and our result saw us move ahead of the high performing benchmark organisations.

Employment policy

We operate a non-discriminatory employment policy, which focusses on diversity and inclusion and where full and fair consideration is given to all applicants.

Working environment

Unite Students provides a variety of work spaces, benefits and services to ensure employees are productive and motivated at work, and are able to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Responsible and sustainable business​

As a FTSE 250 listed company, Unite has a duty to promote the success of the business for the benefit of shareholders. We believe there is no contradiction between this goal, and behaving in a responsible and sustainable manner towards all those we affect. We must act with the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity at all times across all areas of our operations.​

Safety, wellbeing and security of our customers and visitors

  • We seek to conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of business and personal ethics at all times, as outlined in our code of ethics.
  • In support of the code of ethics, all Unite staff are subject to our corporate gifts and hospitality policy and expenses policy, which together leave no space for bribery, corruption or fraud.
  • Colleagues with access to specific confidential or sensitive information are subject to the employee share dealing code, which requires them to seek written permission from the company secretary before buying or selling shares and imposes various ‘closed periods’ prior to annual reporting.
  • We provide all colleagues with guidance on reporting any concerns such as improper accounting or conduct, fraud or criminal acts, health and safety breaches, anti-competitive behaviour, discrimination, bullying, harassment, environmental damage or any other such activity.
  • Unite′s company secretary and head of legal maintains a regulatory change tracker in order to forewarn the business of impending legislation or regulation.
  • Alongside this activity, we treat the safety and wellbeing of all our customers and visitors extremely seriously. We operate a strict and robust contractor management process to ensure that anyone carrying out work within our business does so safely. Our customer safety and wellbeing is paramount.
  • We also operate a network of wellbeing ambassadors who are located in each of the cities in which we operate.

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