Corporate Partnership Opportunities

We offer a variety of corporate package opportunities, all tailored exclusively to suit each of our partners. With brand exposure across a mix of marketing channels to over 50,000 of our engaged students, we can ensure delivery of your brand message.

  • Dedicated emails delivering brand messages directly to thousands of students
  • Fantastic website traffic – millions of engaged users visiting our site annually
  • Engaging content on social platforms
  • Student facing platform available to partners
  • Face to face brand interaction and product engagement through events and sampling
  • Additional extras, such as access to in-property digital screens.

To find out more information about a partnership with Unite Students, please get in touch.

Our partnership with Big Yellow Storage

Branch of Big Yellow Storage

When Big Yellow Storage, the UK’s leading self-storage company, were looking to grow market share of overseas students requiring storage over the summer months, a relationship with the leading provider of student accommodation in the UK was an obvious decision.

As a result, Big Yellow gained significant additional business and Unite students gained a storage provider they could confidently recommend to their customers.

“Over the last four years the relationship between Big Yellow store managers and their local Unite property managers has continued to flourish and the number of Unite Students taking storage at Big Yellow continues to grow, increasing by a further 10% in 2015. With the introduction of Unite Students’ ‘Local Partnership Contacts’ adding further to the relationship, a similar level of increase is hoped for in 2016.

Challenges and opportunities are regularly discussed and this has resulted in a number of initiatives such as Big Yellow showing animated ‘life hacks’ on the digital screens. Regular exposure to fun and interesting ideas during the year will embed brand recognition that will have a lifetime benefit beyond summer storage.”

Big Yellow Group Plc

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