This academic year, we have opened five new properties in Aberdeen, Coventry, London and Portsmouth, creating more than 3,000 beds for students.

In the pipeline

The Unite Students' development pipeline extends until 2019, which will create a further 7,000 beds for students.

By September 2017

  • Salisbury Court, Edinburgh: (Wholly owned), 581 beds
  • St Lukes View, Liverpool: (Wholly owned), 776 beds
  • Beech House, Oxford; (Wholly owned), 146 beds
  • Millennium View, Coventry: (Wholly owned), 371 beds
  • The Old Printworks, Edinburgh: (Wholly owned), 237 beds

By September 2018

  • Newgate Court, Newcastle: (Wholly owned), 569 beds
  • Brunel House, Bristol: (Wholly owned), 228 beds
  • Chaucer House, Portsmouth: (Wholly owned), 480 beds
  • The Old Hospital, Durham, 363 beds
  • St Vincent's, Sheffield, 600 beds

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