This academic year, we have opened seven new properties in Newcastle, Bristol, Portsmouth, Durham, Sheffield and Birmingham, creating more than 2,500 beds for students.

In the pipeline

The Unite Students' development pipeline extends until 2021, which will create over 6,000 beds for students.

By September 2019

  • Lime Street View, Liverpool (Wholly owned), 1,085 beds
  • Cowley, Oxford: (Wholly owned), 885 beds
  • Battery Park (USAF), 418 beds

By September 2020

  • Constitution Street, Aberdeen (Wholly owned), 600 beds
  • Merrion Way, Leeds (Wholly owned), 1,019 beds
  • New Wakefield Street, Manchester (Wholly owned), 603 beds
  • Old BRI, Bristol (Wholly owned), 751 beds

By September 2021

  • Middlesex Street, London: (Wholly owned), 1000 beds

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