Every year we invest up to £0.5 million in primary research, surveying and data analysis to ensure we maintain a deep understanding of students' needs, wants and motivations.

Our Unite Student Insight Report is published each summer, giving a comprehensive overview of the non-academic student experience. We occasionally publish additional topic pieces on specific aspects of student life.

Our partner universities and HE sector organisations have enhanced access to our data and insight. If you would like to learn more about our insight programme please contact us at HE@unitestudents.com

Tricia Punchard, Assistant Director of Residences, University of Exeter

“I think they have undertaken the research and they’ve been very proactive with it, and I think that they’ve listened to what students have said.”

Latest insights

Working in partnership with YouGov and Youthsight, we conducted our annual student insight survey during March and April 2016. Over 6,500 students and over 2,100 applicants were surveyed, investigating the key non-academic elements of student life.

This year’s survey results underlined the importance of learning and development outside the formal academic environment. It looks at contributing factors to student happiness, and to retention. A key finding is the importance of resilience skills – planning, goal setting, self-management and the ability to recover from a setback. 

Neil Burns, Development Officer, University of Edinburgh

“More than just the physical environment, what Unite do is provide a financial and physical guarantee of stability for students. In doing so they provide a very secure learning environment for students for their time at University"

Student accommodation and social networks play crucial roles in developing these skills. Students who are happier with their accommodation, who feel connected and able to reach out for support, tend to be happier with life overall. Students who are satisfied with the communal areas in their accommodation are more likely to feel integrated with others. Flatmates are an important source of support in difficult times.

Read the 2016 Students Insight report

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