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About us

Leading on student experience

We provide a Home for Success building communities
where students can belong and grow

Who we are

We pioneered purpose-built student accommodation and continuously innovate to improve our product and the experience for students. We lead the sector through our insight and research, and are proud of our solid track record.

Our latest accomplishments


Purpose & strategy

Doing what’s right is fundamental to everything we do, whether it’s for students and parents, university partners, employees or investors.

People & culture

Our people draw on skills, expertise and commitment to build thriving student communities.

Corporate governance

Our governance approach is focused on constantly raising standards.

Our business model

Insight and data drive delivery for our purpose – Home for Success – ensuring we meet the needs of university partners, employees and investors.

Leadership team

Our leadership team is made up of people from varied backgrounds with a breadth of skills and experience.

Our history

We are the leader in the sector, with a proven business model and three decades of experience, innovation and growth. Learn about our recent achievements and the key milestones in our history.