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Who we are

We build vibrant communities for students - their Home for Success.

A trusted provider of purpose-built student accommodation

We own the buildings we operate, giving us flexibility over investment and enabling us to make decisions that are right for students, universities and investors. This also gives us freedom to deliver in line with our brand promises.

Our brand promises are to:

Provide a space to grow and thrive

We provide space that’s designed for studying and socialising. We take care of the basics - ensuring everything is well equipped and easy to use. It’s about providing students with what’s important to them.

Provide a place to belong

We provide the environment for students to form friendships, expand their network and to create life-long memories. We support them personally and professionally, creating lively communities where they can embrace independence and find their true selves so they are equipped for the next stage of life.

Be there when you need us

We’re there to support students, help with their challenges and adapt to their changing needs so they can succeed personally and academically.

Our values are focused on doing what’s right.

Stakeholder feedback enables us to prioritise our commitments on environmental, social and governance issues:

  1. We have set ambitious targets to achieve net-zero carbon operations and developments by 2030.
  2. We are committed to providing opportunities for all our employees, irrespective of their background, gender or ethnicity.
  3. We have made a pledge to help raise standards across the student housing sector.

What we do is informed by in-depth research and insight, drawn from the UK’s most diverse student community, and our data in turn informs government and the wider higher education sector.


People & culture

Our people draw on skills, expertise and commitment to build thriving student communities.

Leadership team

Our leadership team is made up of people from varied backgrounds with a breadth of skills and experience.

Our history

We are the leader in the sector, with a proven business model and three decades of experience, innovation and growth. Learn about our recent achievements and the key milestones in our history.