Construction work has recommenced on Unite Students’ flagship development in Middlesex Street, Aldgate. When complete, the new 24- storey mixed-used development will provide 913 purpose-built homes for students.


Built on the site of a former 1960’s office block, work on the central London development was paused in 2020 to allow the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to be fully evaluated


During initial site investigations, the remains of the 16th Century Boars Head playhouse were discovered. The Boars Head Playhouse was a Shakespearean theatre with a long and significant history. The site is referenced in one of the earliest accounts of theatre in London for open air- performances. The remains of the site will be preserved under the footprint of the new development. A new performance and exhibition area has been designed to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps.


The new building will have a range of facilities including: a cinema room, a yoga room, common rooms with study facilities and 1,380m2 of subsidised affordable office space.


In addition, as part of a section 106 agreement with Tower Hamlets Borough Council, Unite Students will also be providing an incubator office space for students who have recently graduated and are planning to start their own business. A business incubator (sometimes known as a start-up lab) is for new and early-stage start-ups.


The Middlesex Street development is expected to be open in time for the start of the academic year in 2022/2023.