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Our partnerships

We work closely with long-term partners to create a Home for Success for students



With 30 years’ experience, we take the time to fully understand the individual needs of our university partners, working collaboratively and flexibly to create tailor-made solutions that help them to meet their objectives.


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We provide a flexible, collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership approach to delivering the accommodation that universities and their students need.

Latest insights

CUBO Winter Conference 2021: How we’re decarbonising hot water
Ahead of the launch of our net-zero carbon pathway, James Tiernan - Head of Energy and Environment at Unite Students - shared some of our plans for decarbonising hot water at CUBO’s Winter Conference 2021.
A Day in the Life of… a Service and Sales Advisor
In our feature series A Day in the Life Of…, we introduce some of our people on the front lines at Unite Students, working to make students’ accommodation experience the best it can be. Chaquile Damoah, a London-based Service and Sales Advisor, tells us more about his role, as well as some stories from his time on reception.
Accommodation Matters S03E02: The changing role of parents in Higher Education
Our latest episode of Accommodation Matters is now live. This month, we’re taking a deep dive into the role of parents within Higher Education, how this has changed over time, and what this means for students, universities and accommodation providers.
Transgender Awareness Week 2021: Supporting the trans community
15-19 November is Transgender Awareness Week. Garnet Fox, Service and Safety Advisor in Liverpool, shares their experience of being a trans employee at Unite Students, the current risks they face, and the very real consequences that discrimination can bring.