Due to school closures, we have redeveloped our Leapskills programme to be accessible to parents or guardians who are helping their young people with remote learning. To access the remote learning version of the Leapskills programme please visit the TES website.


We went behind the scenes with two of our student actors to talk to them about the Leapskills programme and ask them what they thought.

As the UK’s largest student accommodation provider, Unite Students has spent years helping young people thrive in new situations and help them manage the big ‘Leap’ to university life. Over the last few years, our insight reports have identified a significant gap in student expectations of what life will be like living away at university, and the reality they find once they actually arrive.

To support young people, Unite Students have used their insight and student resilience research to develop Leapskills, a programme through which we can help to better prepare prospective students and young people for living away from home. Drawing on video content and a digital game, it introduces a number of student life scenarios to provoke group discussion on conflict resolution, problem solving and gives a general insight into shared living.

We have run these workshops with nearly 2000 young people across the UK and tested it with teachers.

Overwhelmingly, young people report feeling better prepared for moving away from home after completing the workshop.

To register to use the digital game, please go to our Leapskills website, or to find out more please see our Leapskills leaflet, or email

We are hosting monthly webinars to introduce those interested to Leapskills, explain registration, facilitator resources and the digital game. To book onto a webinar in the near future please go to our Eventbrite page.

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