Accommodation partner of choice for UK universities

“We met with Unite Students to discuss how they can assist with future developments, look at different models and how they can assist us in providing more accommodation for our students. They work with you and they really understand what you’re looking for.” – Accommodation Manager

As the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, Unite Students not only provides an exceptional residential experience as standard, but our offering to university partners is tailored to the needs of you and your students. This forms our Home for Success, which concentrates on delivering what matters to students.

We benchmark our student satisfaction internationally, and are consistently in the top third of service providers in Europe. With over 28 years experience in the sector, and access to 74,000 students per year, we continue to carry out in-depth research to give us up to date insight into student life. This informs what we provide and why, and helps us to provide a Home for Success that supports student retention and success. We also sponsor sector initiatives for the benefit of all students, such as the AMOSSHE student resilience toolkit, which is based on our original research.

“Unite Students have done some good retention work, so we’re working alongside them to get a better understanding that might help us.” – Accommodation Manager

52% of our rooms are under nominations agreements with 60 university partners, supporting short-, medium- and long-term accommodation requirements. These NOMs agreements reserve rooms for your students in return for a guaranteed rent, allowing you to plan your accommodation requirements at fixed and competitive rates with a provider you can rely on. As a partner, we can also offer financial and property consultancy, partnership approaches to development or asset refinancing, integrated accommodation management or any bespoke combination.

Our HE Trust score has risen by 26% in the last 6 years and is at an all-time high, so you can be sure that we understand your needs and those of your students. You will have a board-level contact and dedicated support from our local Service Delivery teams, in addition to access to our Higher Education Engagement team.

We are confident that partnering with Unite Students will help you to meet your institution-level objectives, and give your students a foundation on which to thrive.


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